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      Hi there,
      I am currently working on a project. (It isnt jewelry) It is a wood design where I have hollowed out specific areas and will be filling with resin and items etc… I have already stained my wood (it is large) and i need to know what I can use to protect the edges of my stained wood while i pour all of the resin sections. I have done some test samples and note that when i use the hair dryer to blow out the bubbles, it pushes the resin up and over the edges.
      Will a painters tape work for this, and then just peel it off once resin is clear and before the resin begins to set?
      I really dont want to have to re sand and stain the wood piece if I can avoid it.
      Please help!
      I will beginning to pour in the next day or so.

      Also, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of thing:

      I have a carved area that will be tinted to look like water. I would like to add a couple of different colors to that one section. Is there something that I can use to divide (flexible organic shape) through that main carved section so that I can pour one color and then take out the divider and then pour another color right up next to the first?

      I hope that isnt too confusing. Just picture soft ice cream that is half vanilla, half chocolate…except it will be laying flat.

      Your thoughts are really really appreciated.
      This project is also going to be an outdoor art display for a few months in the summer (In Canada)…initially I was going to flood coat with a UV stable resin once all is complete (I tested it over easy cast and it doesnt soften it)…but it is really thick and Im not sure I can do it without screwing up the entire project. So I may go with a water based exterior poly urethane instead….any thoughts on this?

      Im very new to both carving and resin. Trying to push myself!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Angela,

      I have not tried painters tape for similar projects.  I have always used a good quality masking tape.  I would worry that painters tape wouldnt be quite sticky enough (similar to el-cheapo masking tape).  The masking tape will not stick to cured resin, so wait for it to fully cure before peeling it off.  On another note, while a hair dryer is good for producing heat, it does produce a lot of force with it as well.  I like to use a heat gun instead of a hair dryer.  I got mine at one of those big craft stores.  It produces a lot of heat with very little air.

      As for pouring your color sections, do you want distinct colors or more of an ombre effect?  Ombre would be easier — you can add almost anything to act as a divider, pour all your sections at once (you may need more hands), then lift your dividing pieces.  Your resin will slowly mix together at the margins.  If you want a distinct pattern, that is going to be harder.  If you want a divider that you can remove, its going to have to be silicone.  You will need to temporarily adhere it to your cavity, pour the resin, then remove it after the resin has cured.  (Repeat as necessary.)  If I were going to give it a try, I would even consider using something like a clear, thin piece of plexiglass to serve as my divider(s).  Glue it/them in, then pour the resin.  Depending on how close people get to the piece, they may not even notice the plexiglass as they will just see the color of the resin, especially if the piece is thin.  (By the way, you can make plexiglass malleable with a little heat from said heat gun above if necessary.)

      Unfortunately, I dont have any product suggestions for an exterior type UV stable resin, but your thinking is good there.

      Let us know how it turns out!

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Your thoughts were great. I love the ombre idea.
      I will definitely grab a heat gun from Michaels.
      Thanks so much!!
      I will keep you posted!

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