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    Hi, I’ve been making my own homemade silicon molds using caulking and baby powder. They have been coming out great but when I use them my resin comes out still tacky 24 hours later, and takes another 24 hours to fully cure once out of the mold when I can remove it. At first I thought I had mixed the Resin wrong because the rest of my pieces were kind of tacky too, but then I mixed another batch a day later and used different homemade molds, same problem all came out tacky and are currently sitting to cure for another day. My first projects cured a lot faster when they weren’t in the same area as the mold as well, Is there something I’m doing wrong with my molds, they seem pretty cured and can easily flex them without breaking them. It just seems like the acid in the silicon are messing up my pieces, or is it another problem?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Raven, it sounds like there is moisture in the molds that is affecting your resin curing.

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    I will see if I can try finding a way to dry them, they feel dry to the touch but it may in the silicon in the inside. Thank you for the advice! I was really stumped on this one. 🙂

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      Katherine Swift

      Try putting them in a warm oven for an hour. That might be all you need.

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