How can i achieve this cloudy smoke effect?

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      Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows how to achieve a vapor cloud ish effect in resin?
      im using a single mold with a hole on top, and im trying to make some dice as a hobby.

      Ive so far tried to make two batches of resin, one non coloured and one colored, mixing it in right away just makes the whole thing blend together

      and making the two batches straight away, and waiting 5 hours to pour it in gives me a hard time even getting the coloured resin into the mold cutout itself (below the clear resin)

      heres a picture of what i am trying to achieve

      also would you recommend putting it on top and short of “push it” down into the clear resin, or maybe use a pipette and spray it into the middle?

      thank you so much for your help! 🙂

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      Hiya – I’ve had success making swirls that don’t blend, by waiting until the last possible minute to add the colorant/dye. Say, for example, the Pot Time (time your resin/catalyst takes before it becomes too hard to add anything else) is 7 minutes. At the 6 minute mark, I would drop in the colorant. (I actually used a toothpick with some black dye, poked it straight in and pulled it out slowly while giving it a gentle swirl or corkscrew motion). If you want a second color, do the same thing, but keep in mind the Pot Time.

      Hope Katherine doesn’t get upset that I answered your question. 🙂

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        Katherine Swift

        Oh gosh Shannon, I don’t mind a bit! I love the community helping each other!

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