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      I have a project in mind that would need layers, but the problem is…after I pour the first layer (I choose a ball mold about the size of a christmas ball ornament) I am adding a heavier object (little figure) onto the layer (I am doing this so the figure is in the middle…if I to pour it without a little resin would not be centered in the ball mold..)I am sure (have not tried it though) that the gel state would not support my object because it would sink….do you have a solution to not show the second pour line when the resin is cured? ( I hope this made sense…)..thanks in advance for any help 😊

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Alex,

      I know we’ve been talking about this on Facebook, but for the benefit of anyone else who finds this convo, you will want to suspend the item in the resin since the gel phase won’t support it.

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