How do i set flowers/dandelions in sphere resin mold

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       Ok so mainly i want to set dandelion flowers into a sphere resin pendant…

      i have the 1 inch sphere mold from here, resin and flower but have some questions:
      1. how do i get the dandelion flower into the mold without squishing it?
      2. how do i pour in resin and get dandelion to still look like a dandelion without getting stuck together or crushed by resin?
      Im sure there must be a strategy to do this.
      Any help and advice appreciated 🙂
      Thank you,
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Beckie,

      The first thing I would do with the dandelion is to seal it with a couple of light, misty layers of our resin gloss sealer spray.  This will help to make the dandelion more stiff and hopefully will keep the dandelion pieces from fading in the resin when they get wet.

      You will need a container that is deep enough for the entire dandelion head.  I would suggest something like our mold 429:

      Once you mix and pour your resin into the mold, grab the dandelion by the stem.  Turn it upside down and carefully push it into the resin.  If you do this slowly and carefully, it will minimize the bubbles.  You may need to create something to hold onto the stem to help keep the dandelion upright while the resin cures.  Use a heat gun as well to go over the resin to get bubbles to rise to the surface and pop.  Once cured, cut off the remaining stem.

      Good luck!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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