How to get rid of scratches from resin jewelry

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      Rachel Alpert

      Hi all!
      I began making resin pendants consisting of a metal bezel (no back) and filled with resin and dried flowers.
      This technique requires the bezel to be stuck to tape to create an artificial temporary back, then the bezel is filled.
      After drying, the piece is removed from the tape.

      The problem…the tape and its gummy stuff, leaves a texture on the resin.
      I know how to remove the gummy stuff, but I don’t know how to get rid of the texture and grooves.

      Does anyone have a product, other then buffing compound, to smooth the resin without scratching it, leaving it shiny?


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Rachel,

      You’ll either need to sand down the grooves or apply a layer of doming resin to the back. This is the one I’d use:

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