How to keep resin from sticking to tools

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      I use silicon cups, mixing sticks, and mats with my resin since I don’t like throwing things away. They work great for multiple pours – I just let the resin dry on them and then peel it off. However, over time small bits of resin does build up, especially in the cups, and it takes forever to pick it all off. Eventually it will even stick so hard to the mat that it tears the mat when I try to peel it off. I’m wondering if something like a mold release, silicone oil, or even a thin layer of vaseline would work to prolong their lives? My main worry though is that since it’s on a mixing tool and not in a mold that it would mix into my resin and compromise it? Has anyone else tried this, or should I just expect silicon tools to wear out after a few repeated uses?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Whitney,

      Silicone eventually gets brittle and breaks down.

      I use packing tape to go over the surface and pick up the little bits.

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