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      Edmund B Papp

      I am searching for a costume jewelry maker & designer experienced in 2-part resin. I want he/she to create a collection of pieces to include but not limited to necklace, earrings, broach, ankle-wrist-charm bracelet, ring, and a hairpin. Individual pieces in the collection should have a cohesive look / creative style. RETAIL price for any piece should not exceed $25.

      Each piece must include a visible fish scale embedded in the resin. Fish scales can be bought wholesale – 1000 for a few bucks on Amazon. Fish scales can be easily colored to any hue you want by dunking them into vinegar with food coloring.

      My buying clientele will be primarily young women who love the ocean, water-sports and MERMAIDS. The fish scales embedded in the jewelry will be marketing as mermaid scales.

      Once the creative theme of the collection is approved; samples approved; and a cost per piece established, I will commit to a $1000 initial order. A new collection with a new creative style will be commissioned every 6 months if sales go as expected.

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      Hello there! I make resin jewelry and would be interested in the ideas you have for this jewelry. If you can, please email me at and I can get more specifics and get a better idea of what you want.



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