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      I’m trying to create a layered painting piece in epoxy resin about A4 sized.
      The piece will essentially be layers of resin with different pigments mixed into the individual layers and I’m just curious as to whether I should do 1 layer, leave for a few hours then apply another layer or let each individual layer cure, then treat sand and apply the next layer?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tyler, as long as one layer is partially cured, you can pour the next layer without worry that the two layers will mix together. If you need to sand one layer before applying the next, then you will need to wait until the layer is fully cured.

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      hello, I have made some resin disks which have now completely cured, if i do another layer or reason on top with the layers bond and stick together or will that not work?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Taryn,

      If you are using the same resin, yes, it will stick. If you are using a different brand, as long as it is the same kind (epoxy on epoxy for example), it will most likely stick as well.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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