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      I hope this post is allowed, Ive been looking everywhere for two pyramid shaped gems for a large Amaura plush Im making for myself.
      It took me a long time to find an etsy listing that was perfect, however the seller is away for an indeterminate period due to illness, and since it was the only listing I ever found, I realised I needed to find resin crafters who take commissions!

      Im looking for two flat based pyramid shapes, ideally 7cm (or 3 inches) across, and about 5cm (2 inches) tall, in a deep blue colour.
      Im a dollmaker so Im not really experienced with resin casting or sculpting (in fact I suck at this sort of stuff so I dont want to try it myself and mess up) If anyone is interested in me commissioning them, or can point me in the right direction to find what I need, Id love to hear from you! I have funds available now for the right artist 🙂

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       Id be willing to cast those for you if I could find a mold that would work. Have you found one?

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      Hello, sorry I just got this, I dont know if theres an option for getting notifications on replies, but I could use one.

      Funnily enough the seller Id originally wanted to buy from, who was ill has now shut their shop completely, and in a last effort I messaged her and asked if she would be willing to sell me the molds she used for the pyramids.

      I will let you know if/when she gets back to me, other than that I would have no idea how to obtain such a mold. Im not very good at sculpting and would have no idea how to start making one, and I have never seen any big enough anywhere else.

      Thanks for replying, Ill have another look for molds. May I ask where youre based and if you have any photos of previous work online?

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