making a level surface to work on?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Nicole,

      The first thing I would check is whether or not you domed too much resin on top.  The surface can only take so much resin before it runs over the side, even if the surface is level.  You can see what Im talking about in this video on our you tube channel:

      As for getting off the spilled resin, you might be able to snap it off.  I show that technique in this video:

      If your table is truly the problem, I would suggest getting the screw on feet that you can adjust the height on.  You can put them onto your table legs, then use a level (I think you can even get a level app for a smartphone) to help you balance the table.  Im worried that a cake stand or something similar may not be sturdy enough.  If its loose enough to get level, it may spill everything if you bump it.

      Good luck!

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       Thanks Katherine!  

      I was able to snap off the drool (thank you for that tip!!) and yes…..I think I was over zealous with the pouring — Ill try less on my next batch 🙂  
      Im definitely getting the obsession part of this — just my first foray into this and it was so much fun!
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      I just made my first dominos with Ice Resin last night but alas the antique table (or perhaps our floor) that I had the dominos set aside on must not have been level b/c this morning there are hardened drool marks down one side.  Im guessing I can sand that off (advice welcome – this is my first resin adventure) but I was wondering about how to make/buy a platform for drying that is level?
      In my head I could envision like a cake platform or something but even those are not going to sit level if the table itself isnt level.  
      Then I thought about a board sitting on a beanbag and I make it level using a bubble guide.
      Then I thought about stealing the ball head off of my camera tripod and using that for the base of a platform
      Then I thought surely someone has made some sort of self-leveling platform or figured this out.  Any thoughts or experiences or products out there that I should look into?
      Many thanks!
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