Making textured silicone

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Jackie:

      I want to make my own silicone texture sheets that will take a deep impression for use with polymer clay and will also go thru the pasta machine.  Can you help me decide which silicone product would be best for this technique and any help in actually making the sheets would also be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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      Katherine Swift


      First, let me say that I dont have any experience with polymer clay, although I have seen and read about people using it in pasta rolling machines.

      I have two concerns about running it through a pasta roller:

      1.  You will only be able to do it a couple of times before the silicone tears.


      2.  It will be too hard to go through the pasta roller.

      Can you do this with metal plates??  (like embossing metal through a rolling mill)

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      Thanks Katherine, lets skip the part about running thru the pasta machine.  I still need to know which silicone product to use to make texture sheets.  I can use a roller to actually impress them instead of the pasta machine.

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      Katherine Swift

      Jackie,I talked to the tech support at Alumilite (the company that makes our silicone) and their suggestion was to use the silicone mold putty.  You can easily mold it to your texture and should work with the your clay.

      You can find the mold putty here:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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