Need a faucet part made


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      Katherine Swift

      Renee M. is looking to have this part cast. If you can help, please contact her at


      faucet part

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      Clinton Gallagher @tapABILITIES

      I’m sending email to Renee but want to comment here too.

      First I think casting a replacement part such as a faucet handle in resin is very do-able; once cured polyester/epoxy is extremely durable. I think I read Katherine comment that she found polyester to cure harder. I don’t have a definitive answer to hardness factors. Resin vendors would likely have that data and there are hardness metrics published to the WWW that can be consulted.

      No matter, the issue with such replacement parts comes down to what structural stress is imposed on the finished part; stress such as torsional stress and other such engineering concerns I have been educated and experienced working with professionally allow me be knowledgable about. This is why hardness and such are factors which must be considered for such projects.

      That said, since the part would have to cast in a two-part mold (at least) it would be better to be modeled in 3D CAD and printed using a 3D printer. There are a lot of new filament materials available for 3D printers and more coming availabe all the time.

      3D printing is also called “additive manufacturing” for those who want to get serious about this aspect of modeling and crafting. I have printed designs in 3D and then cast resin into them so I am familiar with my recommendation. I would suggest nylon fillament for this faucet project; it won’t be translucent but nylon does come in different colors and is very durable.

      Finally, who is going to model the faucet in 3D? When all is said and done it will cost more to model and print the part than to buy a replacement faucet. Unless replication of the faucet handle has some historical architectural requirement economic common sense suggests replacing the entire faucet assembly.

      There are many skilled 3D modeling folks that can be found on the WWW. Printing this particular part would cost less than $10. Modeling it perhaps ~$100. Really. CAD work is extensive for this type of project as the existing has to be digitized and so on all of which requires special equipment and skills.

      Hope this insight helps others considering casting parts in resin as doing so may or may not be the more efficient and cost-effective way to do so all thing considered. Weigh the cost factors and give it a shot…

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        Katherine Swift

        Great idea on the 3D printing. I would agree that resin isn’t always the answer.

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