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      Authoress Scerina Elizabeth

      Hi, I am an authoress who is about to start doing resin art in September.

      My main concern is I want to use my bedroom for resin art creating – I am well aware of air ventilation and having a respirator for safety due to fumes.

      I work with Non Toxic Resin but I just wanna know if it is safe to do resin art in my bedroom?

      You see I live with my parents and my bedroom is my only private area where I can do my own thing without being in anyone’s way.

      It is a small room. I am planning on using two fans for air ventilation – one blowing on me and one blowing the fumes away from me, plus have a crack window, PLUS a respirator mask

      I read somewhere that fumes remain in the air for 8 to 10 hours – is that true?

      And is having a crack window during that time with a fan blowing on me good enough and safe enough for adequate air ventilation?

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      Authoress Scerina Elizabeth

      I just want to make sure I am safe and doing what is safe before I begin resin art making

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      Katherine Swift

      I’m glad to hear you are taking resin safety seriously. While the resin is curing, there is a potential for fumes.

      I have a video in this article that explains how I handle room ventilation when I’m creating with resin:

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      Authoress Scerina Elizabeth

      I actually watched your video a few times and loved it. You actually helped me out a great deal.

      Just wanted to hear from you personally what you thought.

      I will be doing small resin art projects (Silicone Mold Casting & Resin Jewelry) – I plan to make resin book marks, photo blocks, keychains, etc – small stuff not huge enormous projects.

      I read and heard somewhere when dealing with craft resin and when working with small resin projects all I need is a respirator mask, fans for ventilation, and a cracked window (when the weather is warm). But I just wanted to hear from a resin expert if that really is good enough for small resin craft and resin jewelry projects for my own peace of mind.

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        Katherine Swift

        It sounds like you are taking the same precautions I do when I craft with resin. 🙂

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      Authoress Scerina Elizabeth

      Yah, I am. I just want to make sure I am being safe before I start and something unexpected happens. I just wanna make sure I done everything I am suppose to do safetywise and is not my fault.

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