Newbie, molds & transparencies

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      April Smith

      I have never done anything with Resin. what I want to do I believe is fairly simple and an OK start for a newbie. This is most probably a one and done thing. I don’t expect this to become my ‘obsession’, though if I do OK I might try a couple other things(and who knows). I say this because I don’t want to spend a ton and I don’t want to do a lot of practicing. It may not be perfect, but if it is ‘decent’, it will serve my purpose.

      I want to make something similar to the “Resin Charms with Recycled Gift Cards”. I want theme to be mostly clear, nothing on the back, like the gift cards. I want to print transparencies to have in them and then maybe put in some glitter or ‘something’ floating in them for a little interest.

      A If I have done enough research to have a ‘decent’ background and idea of how to work with resin, is this a project that has a chance of going well for a newbie?

      B Transparencies…. I can find no place that does this any more. Office Depot, Office Max, the UPS store… No luck. I found transparencies I can probably print on at home, which would be great, but… They were pricey, 50 sheets and if I only use 1….. Has anybody done this recently and where else might do it?

      Thanks for your help and patience.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi April,

      Yes, I think this is a great project for you. Transparencies don’t require sealing, which will make things easier for you.

      Have you tried a local print shop in your area? Even a Kinko’s store should be able to do these for you.

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      April Smith

      Kinko’s!! I did not think of them as we don’t have one in our town, but I live near a big city. There surely has to be one around here. Thank you so much. And glad to I haven’t decided to ‘start at the top’. Good to know I have a decent chance of success with the project I want to try.

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