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      Can anyone out there tell me how NO-MIX resin is made? I purchased a no mix / premixed doming resin that won’t harden. It is still wet after 2 days of intermittent drying under UV lamp I read all of the information sheet provided before using, i.e., clean before applying, material and inclusions that don’t bond well, etc. I made 10 hand carved Polymer clay pendants, all cleaned, no inclusions or topicals. I put them under the UV light but they stayed wet. Not sticky, WET. I tried for another 3 days in sunlight on my Florida patio. Still Wet! EVEN THE SILICONE MAT IS STILL WET! Could it be the product causing the issue (since I didn’t mix it) or something I did or didn’t do. I don’t think its a storing problem on my end either, since I used it the day I received it. This resin was expensive so I want to find out what could have gone wrong, and my pendants are ruined as they are. They were hand carved so I don’t want to do any scraping. I tried contacting the seller for help but I just keep getting an automated response, so I’m on my own. I would appreciate any information on no mix (premixed?) resins please. Thank you!

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