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       I want to create a paperweight big enough to hold 3 2.5" coins from the old SkyLab promotion.  I have an oval mold that is 3×4 but not deep enough to hold the coins.  I have been unable to find a bigger mold or a base.

      Where would i go to get either a deeper mold or a base to match the orgone mold i already have.
      it does not need to be oval, i am open to shape changes.
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Troi,

      It sounds like you are going to have to make your own mold.  I would suggest getting a piece of acrylic cut and polished to the size you want.  You can then cast it in silicone to make your mold for your resin paperweights.

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      Katherine Swift

      We have oval paperweight molds in our store here: https://shop.resinobsession.com/collections/molds/oval

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