Paint pulled away from shells under the resin

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      Hi there. I decoupage shells. I use ModPodge to stick down the designs and used to finish with Mod Podge too, but decided I wanted a crystal clear glass like finish so started using resin. I used one brand which worked beautifully but it made me sick, even with a mask. I couldn’t hack the fumes in the house. So I chose a different brand. Seemed to do the same thing, but a week or so down the line, the paint started to pull away from the shell underneath the resin creating an unsightly mess on the shell. It doesn’t happen where the decoupage covers the whole shell, just around the design. I paint the shell first with an acrylic white paint as a background to the image.

      I hadn’t realised this was happening so sent lots of shells out which must have done this to customers, but I only realised when I got some out of my stock to send and was horrified to see this has happened.

      The resin I used originally was Eco Resin and the second I used was Texpert. The experience has put me off using resin as I assume it is the shrinkage which has pulled the paint off the shell. However I have tried acrylic lacquers and varnish to seal and they just dont give the finish I want. Please help xxx

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      Have you tried sealing the shells (and their paint) with UV resin before covering them in standard resin?

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