Painting between layers of resin

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      I was wondering if it would be possible to essentially start a resin piece in its mold, like a coaster for example, and then once halfway through, paint the resin and once dry, cover the top with a few more layers of resin to finish the mold? I keep reading that you can paint on resin and cover it with more layers, but also that if the resin you paint on is cured then you have to sand it down to pour another resin layer which I feel would ruin whatever was painted. I want it to have the same look as embedding an image in the middle of resin, but rather it would be what I painted on the middle layer of resin instead and I wanted to know if that was possible. (I read the 10 Must Know Tips about Painting Resin, just wasn’t sure if it was the exact same process).

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tianna,

      You’re right. You don’t need to sand in between layers. As long as your layers are clean (no dirt, wax, oil, etc.) and new layer of resin will adhere without any problems.

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