Paracord/Shoelace Charms

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      What would be the best resin to use for the 12x16mm shoelace charms used for paracord bracelets?  Ive wasted about 15 charms (approx $20 worth) trying to get it right.  Most come with those epoxy dome stickers, but ultimately, theyre not waterproof.

      Do any of you know of a way to use those epoxy stickers then coat it with something to make it waterproof?

      I figured why re-invent the wheel when theres expert sites like this? 
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      Katherine Swift

      I would remove the epoxy sticker first.  Putting resin on top of the sticker wont keep the sticker coming off at a later date.

      After the sticker is off, use a layer of Resin Obsession crystal doming resin. You can buy it in our store here:

      It cures strong and clear.  It will also be moisture resistant.

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