Polishing polyester resin

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Christine:

      I am planning to make some puppet eyes (as near to prosthetic eyes as possible), and my process will involve dipping a painted iris into clear polyester casting resin, dropping it into a silicone mould until it is cured, then polishing to a glass like shine.
      Two things I really need to ask, 1: is a felt or cotton buffing wheel better for this application, 2: what polish would you recommend, please? I am based in the UK so might not be able to get the same brands as you, but if you could give me the type of polish, I am sure we can find something similar.
      Thank you soooooo much.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Christine,

      I have always used a cotton buff for polishing polyester castings. I haven’t tried a felt.

      I like to use Fabulustre compound. Don’t know if you can get it in the UK, but I get mine here: https://www.riogrande.com/Product/Fabulustre-Cut-and-Polish-Compound/331015

      Side note — I see in the listing a muslin buff is what is recommended. I don’t use the Tripoli or white diamond they recommend first as those are both cutting media. Resin is generally smooth enough already that you shouldn’t need that.

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      Christine Annie Walker

      Thanks Katherine. I’ll see what I can find ?

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      Found it…Fabuluster

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