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       I am planning a project where I want to use glass shadowbox frames to preserve vintage slides. The end result will be transparent. Using a premade finding like this

      Im worried about bubbles and not sure how I will affix the slide to the glass. maybe modpodge? or a small layer of resin on the glass before I put the slide in? Or would you suggest I dip the whole slide in resin before putting on the glass. 
      Any advice would be great! These slides are one of a kind and I hate wasting them. 
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Juliet,

      I would expect either to work, although I would probably try the modpodge method.  I would be a little worried that since youre not working with much space that you might spill resin over the edge of the locket when trying to put in the slide.

      Either way, youre definitely right in that you will want to dip the slide in resin first.  That will break the surface tension and make it less likely that you will trap bubbles.

      Good luck!

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