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      Roberta Thyne

      I understand the purpose of heating resin. As you are only placing the bottom of the bottles in the warm water, it would seem most of the heating would occur at the bottom and you are pouring from the top. Does the heat transfer through the bottom of the bottle to the top? Also, if you continue to heat the bottles each time, does it decrease the shelf life or quality of the resin?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Roberta,

      Great questions! Yes, you are correct in that the heat comes from the bottom. If your bottles are big and you’re concerned the warmed liquids aren’t throughout the bottle, you can gently rotate the bottles back and forth to mix the warmed resin.

      I’ve never experienced warming the resin causing any shelf-life issues. Be sure to store your resin properly and it should be fine. This article details more:

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