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      any advice for removing tiny drips, microbeads, and smears of resin from silicone? i’m not having any luck with removing any of my thousands of tiny resin bits other than hand-picking them off, one by one, and hoping static doesn’t cling the resin back onto the silicone before it reaches the garbage. super frustrating and i have real trouble removing anything super small; it’s nearly impossible to remove the smears. and, on a related note, i don’t have a dog-proof room in this house so constantly find dog hairs stuck to my silicone. i’m assuming washing the silicone with water would remove most of the dog hairs but i don’t want the tiny bits of plastic from the smears to go down the sink.

      any suggestions?

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      Katherine Swift

      Have you tried washing your mold out with dish soap? I like to use Dawn.

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      Clinton Gallagher @tapABILITIES

      Protect drains by using duct tape to tape a piece of pantyhose over the drain.

      To keep a dog out of a room sprinkle some red cayenne pepper on the threshold across the doorway. They smell everything and will be attracted to it. It will sting and make them sneeze and function as a deterrant but does no real harm. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want it to cause pain. Doesn’t work with all dogs my old dog a collie, husky, shepard mix loved the stuff. She was probably snorting snuff in a previous life. 🙂

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      well, duh… great idea of setting up a drain cover for the sink. that would allow me to fully wash my molds with a sponge and soap and not worry about all the bits of plastic going down the drain. thank you both.

      and this will sound like i’m a crazy dog lady (and maybe i am), but i think the majority of the fur is from my clothes anyway, not from him going into the room; i haven’t taken the time to check for and remove fur from my shirt sleeves before crafting or checking on my pieces. i’ll do that more frequently and that should also help.

      and my dog ate 7 habaneros from our garden once, so i’m guessing the cayenne wouldn’t have much of a deterring effect on him anyway. i should just work on training myself to stay away from him before resin crafting and that should help.

      thanks again!

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      You could try to clean the silicone mold with modeling clay. Like what is used to clean keyboards.
      Use clay with wax, it will be easier for small spaces. I use a product called Plastiline. But I don’t know if this product is on sale in usa. Il like this product because you can clean it.
      After applying the paste on the mold to remove the solid drips, you must rinse your mold and wait until your mold is dry before using the resin.

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