Resign on watercolor paintings?

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      Bobbie Kelly

      I am wondering if the resin will work on watercolor paintings. I can do them on thick mounted paper on a frame backed by luan for stability. My concern is will the resin interact with the watercolor or discolor over time. Is there a specific resign that works better for watercolor paintings? Also when placing glass piece accents on top, I assume you pour the resign and place the glass pieces.

      What if glass pieces are piled for 3D effect. Do you dip glass piece in resign before piling to act as glue? Or get the painting exactly the way you want it and them pour resign over the whole thing glass and all?

      I know these are a lot of questions. Thanks in advance.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Bobbie,

      Can seal your watercolor paintings? The resin will stain them if you don’t seal them first.

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