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      I mixed up more resin than I needed today, so I filled in a couple of smaller molds with the extra. One mold is for a small hair comb, about 3 inches long.
      I set my projects back on a table to cure and moved on to a new task. About 8 hours later, my cat jumped onto the table. I told him to get off, and he did…. He launched off of the edge – both back feet in the comb.
      I pulled off as much as I could with my bare hands, then let him settle down. I gently rubbed a rag with acetone over the area and of course rinsed it well.
      What in the world am I supposed to do to get this off his feet?? He’s not ingesting any, and he’s not ill. His little legs are matted sporadically and he’s not a happy kitty.

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      Katherine Swift

      Unfortunately, I don’t know. I suggest contacting a veterinarian.

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