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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Karen:

    I have a canvas 36 x 36 that I have applied resin to. It is the first piece I ever did.

    The first coat perhaps was not mixed well enough and I did not know to shore up the canvas which I did after. After a couple weeks, I scraped off the pooled resin and got a new fresh batch of resin, followed all mixing directions, and applied the resin. I let it sit in a room of about 74 degrees for 4 days to dry and cure.

    When I went back to get it yesterday, and touched the back to lift it, it was sticky. Then I noticed that the resin separated in places. As I placed it vertically overnight and today, there are parts that are dripping. It is a beautiful piece and I feel very sad that I don’t know how to salvage it and I need it for a show.

    I have included the piece before resin and the pics of the problems. I really need help for larger piece because I was just commissioned to make a large one 48 x 60 and am afraid to use resin. I have been successful with resin on smaller pieces.

    I purchased claybord, gessboard, hardboard and a new product I found called liquid art panel but I don’t think they make then that big.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Karen,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having problems. Let’s start with a few questions:

    1. What kind/brand of resin did you use?
    2. How much did you mix?
    3. Did you mix anything else into the resin before applying it to the base?
    4. What is the layer underneath the resin made from? (paint, glass, etc.)

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    Hi there,

    1. This was my first mistake. The resin was very old that I used and the brand was envirotex lite. I didn’t research enough before doing it so didn’t know that old resin might be a problem.

    2. I used a one to one ratio and used a gallon and do not believe I missed it for long enough.

    3. I didn’t mix anything into the resin.

    4. The resin was peed into canvas.

    After I scraped off the track pools, i apologize a second coat which I bought at a paint/hardware store called something with an “F”. I followed all directions, mixed properly, and potted a second later hoping it would harden over the first layer. I was wrong.

    Please help!!

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    Omg. Just saw so many spelling mistakes in above post!! Very tired and it’s late. I apologize…I did not pee into the canvas – i poured onto canvas.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Karen,

    A few comments here. (and we won’t judge for the spelling mistakes 🙂 )

    Envirotex Lite will work for coating artwork. If it is old, however, that may be part of the reason why it didn’t cure.

    If you did not mix the resin thoroughly enough, that is another reason why the resin didn’t cure.

    Not mixing anything else into the resin simplifies things. i.e. there isn’t anything else in the resin that could be attracting moisture that could affect curing.

    I don’t buy hardware store resins for projects so it’s hard for me to know whether or not it should have worked in this case. The most important thing you need for this project is a self-leveling resin. That is most easily found in a two-part epoxy resin that domes.

    As for salvaging what you have, you are going to have to scrape every last bit of wet resin off this project. A baby wipe will help. If the resin is simply a little sticky, that will recoat okay. If it’s gooey, it has to go.

    Recoat with another layer of resin. If it were me, I would use the TotalCast resin:

    A gallon is a lot of resin to mix together, especially for a newbie. You might want to break that up into a pint or so at a time to make sure you get a good mix. Some extra hand to help you with mixing might be good too.

    Good luck!

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    Karen Berk

    Thanks so much! I already poured two layers and both did not cure. Will a third cure? What temperature should the room be? Also, where can I buy totalcast resin?

    Thanks again – I’ll try baby wipes…

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    Katherine Swift

    I hope a third layer will cure. 🙂 At this point, that’s your only option to salvage the piece.

    Room temperature in the low 70’s F is ideal for resin casting.

    You can buy the TotalCast resin here: (It is listed along with the other EliChem resin, MasterCast)

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    Hi Katherine,

    For a 36 x 36 canvas, how many ounces of total cast art resin do I need?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    I’ll keep you posted,

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Karen,

    We have an article with the math that should help you:

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    Dear Katherine,
    This answer regarding math was SO incredibly helpful. I simply believe I used TOO MUCH RESIN over the piece as well. I will try a third time and hopefully, it will be the charm. For a 36 x 36 size painting, the number of ounces I got was 45 ounces. So I believe I used almost a full gallon both times…poor painting….anyway – thank you!

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    Katherine Swift

    Thanks for the update Karen. Yes, I will be anxious to hear if using less resin is helpful!

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