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      Serene A

      Hi everyone. I make home decor and candles. I put candle votives inside a glass bowl and inside of the bowl I put decorations and seal it all with Panacea crystal clear resin. I realized that after a few WEEKS the resin inside starts to crackle long after it has cured. What am I doing wrong? Here is a link to the pictures of the cracks and the type of resin I use.

      Please take a look at them and let me know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve sold so many and they are cracking slowly. They don’t crack right after they harden, this happens after about a few weeks.
      Do I need to use a different type of resin? Is this brand too cheap? I buy it in bulk on joann+. I will change my brand of resin if I need to.
      Am I making them in very hot or cold temps? What can be wrong?

      Thank you,

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Serene, it looks like you are casting into glass? If so, that may be why things are cracking. Resin and glass don’t ‘move’ with each other. As the glass expands with heat, the resin doesn’t want to move with it and will crack.

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      Serene A

      The thing is, the brand is for floral silk plant decor. And so people use glass vases for that. It says pour equal amounts of resin to hardener in the mix. I think I am going to try to pour and mix gradually instead of one cup altogether. Maybe do a little bit at a time and let it cure, then a little more then let that cure, and so on. I emailed the panacea product company and they said it could be from the “floating” objects inside like the pearls. But even my products with no floating objects have cracked as well.

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