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      Hi everybody, I hope someone can help me about a matter that I cant really understand.

      Im using a 2:1 ratio epoxy resin since a few months, and I have never had problems when using it until the last weeks.
      Ive always poured the same quantities, but the resin wont seem to cure as ever: it is not sticky, and doesnt leave fingerprints when touching it, but when I touch it with my nails, for example, it is not hard as it should be. I see the print of my nail on it, and after a few minutes it fades away (fortunately).
      Ive waited for at least two weeks, and it finally hardened, but all of my crafts were really, really yellow and I cant understand why.
      Now I used my resin last saturday and the same problem has appeared.
      Maybe its because the temperature has increased? Or a matter of humidity?
      Thank you,
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Eleonora,

      Here are a few of my thoughts:

      1.  Are you mixing the recommended minimum amount?  Its almost like your resin isnt getting hot enough to cure.  Since resin is a chemical reaction, you need a minimum amount to mix together in order to produce enough heat.

      2.  How old is your resin?  You mention that its yellow.  Maybe its past its good shelf life?

      3.  How have you been storing your resin?  If it is indeed old, maybe it also has some water contamination.

      4.  Perhaps youre experiencing the change of seasons I hear a lot about.  Living in Florida, I havent run into this problem, but I have spoken with several other resin artists in Northern climates that have curing problems moving into the warmer and cooler parts of the year.  Maybe your resin temperature hasnt caught up with the ambient temperature yet.  Try warming your bottles for 5 minutes in a warm water bath before using next time.

      Let us know what ends up working for you.

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       Thank you very much for your replies ! 

      I have no idea when resin should be considered "old"… I bought my resin in january, and I always recap the bottles very tight. Moreover, I always leave a little bit of salt in the box so Im sure theres no humidity contaminating it. 

      The fact I cant really understand is that Ive always mixed the same amount (20 mL, Im sorry but I cant say how many ounces), and always with the same cup ( I have the marks on it !). 
      Its not a big amount, but it worked until April. And I have never warmed resin before use, neither in February, so now that is 77F I dont think this is the cause of my problems. 
      What I noticed is that even my first resin creations are now completely yellow!
      Now, maybe this is the real question: did I purchase a very poor quality resin? 
      (Im so frustrated)
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       Ann : I checked out my resin packaging, and theres no date of production / expiration, do you think they sold me an old one ? 

      I cant stand throwing away half of my bottles 🙁 Such a waste of money…
       Is there any way to purchase your resin in Europe ?
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      Hi! I have had the same problem in the past and through a lot of research and  trial and error (mostly error!) I discovered that this happens when my resin is too old. It doesnt harden all the way, and it turns yellow, and it even develops tiny, tiny bubbles that wont go away. Purchasing new resin at least every six months is a good way to "cure" this problem. And be sure the resin you buy has a date on it that is not too old.  

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      Katherine Swift

      I agree with Ann.  I recommend people only buy as much resin as they can use within 6 months. 

      Are you storing it in a temperature stable environment?  Sometimes large temperature swings can cause condensation to form on the inside of the caps, which can then drip into your resin.

      Im still worried it is old though, since youre telling me its yellow.  Sounds like you need a new kit.  🙁

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       Hello Katherine,

      now I think this could be the only answer : my resin is old. 
      I bought a little starters kit, but Ive only made some experiments til now as I dont run a business , I only craft little jewelry for me and my friends, and I use it occasionally.
      I store my resin in my "crafts room", and temperatures have varied from 60 f in winter to 86 F we had today (I live in Rome, Italy), which is a big difference.
      So, my problem has had many causes….
      I thank you for your support and I m glad I had the opportunity to share my questions with "resin masters" like you ! Cant wait to buy a new resin kit now…
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