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      hi (again)! so i finally had a couple resin pieces ‘melt’. i had poured at least two layers into a mold with some natural objects in it (along with probably 20 other pieces using the same resin) and they didn’t totally turn out- all of them were a bit sticky in at least one layer. (this was a constant problem with that giant half-gallon batch of resin i bought. i’ll never buy castin’ craft resin again.) anyway, i was still working on adding layers of resin to these tacky pieces in hopes that i could eventually make use of them and had them sitting on some plastic in our house, and when i finally had a chance to work on them again (two years later… i was really nervous to try resin again when i had such poor luck with it), i noticed that two of the pieces had melted. the resin in the middle (not in the top or bottom) had melted away, leaving an opening around the natural objects. so between the poor luck with resin in general and these pieces melting, i’ve been really nervous to try to make anything that i’d wear on a regular basis that might get warm and would have potential to not only melt and ruin whatever it was setting on, but also probably give me an allergic reaction if i was wearing it at the time.

      so, in everyone’s experience, how likely is it that resin would potentially melt or become otherwise unstable if, at least the outside layers, have cured properly? i know i’ve heard of others having trouble with resin ‘melting’ after being cured; just wondering if there’s something i should specifically do to avoid this happening on a finished piece, especially if i want to wear it as jewelry in potentially warm weather.

      thanks for any advice/comments!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Leah,

      I had this happen early on to me when I started crafting with resin. I found that when I did a fantastic job of measuring and mixing the resin, this problem fixed itself.

      For measuring, I like to use graduated mixing cups (you can find them here:

      For mixing, I like to scrape the sides of my cup and stir utensil at least three times during the mixing process. I would also suggest mixing well for a minute or two, then pouring your resin into another cup before mixing some more. This will keep any unmixed resin out of the resin your cast into a mold.

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      I had this problem with a large gold leaf painting. I should have left it alone instead of pouring resin on it. I wanted to try something different. I don’t understand why this problem with resin is so common. My painting started melting. I will never do this again. I have stopped working with resin because of this issue. I am not happy with this. I want to add something to stabilize the resin reaction and avoid this problem altogether. It should not be happening. I did mix the two resin chemicals together 1:1 ratio basis. I noticed that this happened and I am not happy with this. I work as a chemist and I need to study this problem. Mixing the resin is not the only issue. I noticed that the resin was fine until I exposed the painting to the summer temperatures. The high temperatures were a catalyst to this problem. I need to reverse this issue. Will be open to anyone responding about their problem and any solution. I had to destroy my painting because of this. I regret all the work I put into this work and the fact that I cannot trust Resin to do this again.

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      Paula Jones

      My resin melts in the heat why? I know it is hot here in west Texas but I made resin stuff back in 1970’s and never had that issue. Of course it was the old kind of resin that got hot. Why does this new stuff melt?

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Paula,

        I’m sorry to hear this is happening to you. Some resins, even when fully cured, can get soft or melt with sun exposure. What are you making? I’m happy to make another suggestion.

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      How long should I wait until I place a resin ornament I made in the sun? I put it out about a week after I finished it but it turned soft in the sun

      Many thanks

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Andy,

        I doubt there will ever be a good time to put it in the sun. It’s typical for resin to get soft and bendy when it gets hot.

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      Emil K

      Hello , first time using epoxy and i have issues , i have made a wooden lamp with some LED strips inside of it i hqve covered the LED strips with 2cm thik layer of epoxy and i have noticed that the epoxy is melting afther LED had been on for ~ 20 min -30 min

      i have spent 3 mounths on this lamp and im an electrician but never built eirh epoxy….

      is there something i can do to save this lamp or is it the trash can right away

      sorry for my english…. best regads Emil

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