Resin Over “Beeswax” sticky?

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      So I was given some wax that supposedly is beeswax. I have no familiarity with beeswax but this stuff is as pure bleached white as paraffin normally is and mostly acts like paraffin. So it might not be beeswax actually but like I said I’m not familiar enough with beeswax to say for sure that it isn’t acting like beeswax.
      Anyway, I used this mystery wax in a female mold to create a copy of the shape and then poured clear epoxy resin over the top hoping to make a dome with the imprint of the shape in question on the inside.
      Instead what I have is a piece of wax covered in sticky tacky mess. Everything else from that same session of pouring is solid, as I expected.
      What I’m wanting to know is: would paraffin react with the epoxy resin to keep it from fully curing? Would beeswax react with epoxy resin to keep it from fully curing? Or did something else go wrong with my pour?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Drak,

      It sounds like the resin warmed up your wax, and it started melting. Then, as it cooled, it made a sticky mess.

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