Resin pulling away from walls.

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      Michael Smith

      I cannot figure out what I’m doing incorrectly here.
      I’ve used different kinds of resin, including casting. I am using exactly the correct amount of hardener to resin. And stirring VERY thoroughly, followed by a vacuum chamber to remove the air.

      But still, when the resin sets in my mold it pulls away from the corners. 🙁
      I’ve lost 2 gallons worth of resin so far to this.

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      Katherine Swift

      It looks like you are having a lot of shrinkage due to heat production. Are you using a polyester resin by chance?

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      the layer is too thick, or was too warm in room, try cast in two laver, or in lower room temperature

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      Michael Smith

      This is what I used for this last one.
      I use it in a cool workshop, but I guess I can dip the mold into cooler water as it heats up. I’ll try that.

      I’ve tried layers, but it just doesn’t work for this project where I need color swirls going through the whole block. There would be no way to make it uniform.

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