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      Hello, I need yr professional opinion cz I am about to give up on resin..
      I asked everywhere and sometimes, people answers make me feel like I should not start resin only for my safety.
      I’ve been told that I should never do it in my appartment so I decided to go to my family farm and do it there (wearing safety necessities of course)
      Details about the farm:
      -It’s in the middle of the forest, it has a huge garage where they used to put chicken (not anymore since years)
      -They only use the garage once or twice a week to rest a bit from farming or to change their clothes (2 people, max 3).
      -The garage has huge doors that I can open and at night the windows are not firmly closed, so a lot of air comes in and out.
      My questions are:
      – shall I do resin inside the garage or outside in nature? (I prefer in nature)
      – however, when curing I can’t leave it outside during the night because there are forest animals (my resin takes 24 hours to cure), they told me that when they open the garage next time they go they should wear the full safety custom… although I only use epoxy for jewelry (small portions) and I can’t ensure this cz they will use it to change their clothes (again, it’s a huge garage and I will put it far in the back)

      Please, I need your opinions, i invested a lot of money and am really excited to start but I don’t wanna risk anyone’s health.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Cami,

      Have you read our resin safety articles? They will give you direction on your next best steps.

      You can get them here:

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