Resin tacky b/c of refrigerated air

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sarah,

      73 degrees should be warm enough for your resin to cure.  Was it at this temperature for the entire time?  If so, I would wonder if your resin was measured and mixed properly.  If it wasnt that warm the entire time, I would make sure to have it at that temp the entire curing time.

      As long as your resin is just a little sticky on the surface (not gooey), another layer of resin over top should be fine.

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       Hello, so, I poured my resin as usual. But I guess the temperature was about 73, and I turned on my refrigerated air cooler. Now, three days later, its still tacky. I was considering turning off the cooler for the day, then turning on the heat, then trying to put another thin layer over the bottom tacky one. Thoughts? 

Viewing 1 reply thread
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