Safe for kids?

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      Safe for kids?

      So my 10 year old daughter is really into crafts and her new obsession is resin jewelry making. She hasn’t been doing it long. She started out with a two part epoxy and now we realized that a uv resin that cures under a light is much easier. My daughter is a little messy and still learning. She has a craft area setup in our basement, which is not well ventilated. Is this a problem? Should she be wearing a mask? I don’t smell anything from it but after reading a bit I am concerned the fumes could be harmful to her. Please advise.

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      Katherine Swift


      In general two-part epoxy resin isn’t something I recommend for children. They generally don’t have the mindfulness to handle chemicals safely.

      I’ve got more safety articles here to help guide the two of you on resin safety:

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