Sanding with rotary tool leaves white marks

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       Im sanding edges in bangles with a rotary tool, but this is leaving white marks and scratches. Is there a grit I should be using with this tool, and does the sandpaper NEED to be wet? Ive tried to use polish but doesnt help really. Please help me! 

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Phyo,

      I generally only use a rotary tool to get off big round edges or pieces that would be too tedious to try to work off with sandpaper.  A rotary tool is great for taking down rough stuff in a hurry.  Once you have gotten the edges off, then I like to use wet/dry sandpaper on a flat surface.  Yes, it needs to be wet so that the friction of sanding doesnt melt the dust back into your piece.  Start with a 400 to 600 grit paper, then work down to a 1500 or higher grit.  Heres a video on the Resin Obsession you tube channel that should help explain what Im talking about:

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