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      I use resin a little differently than most people. I make my own silicone molds of whatever it is I want to make and then when the pieces are cured, I hand paint them, often with a toothpick to get the detail the piece requires. I tried to paste a picture here to show you what Im talking about, but it didnt work. If you go to my facebook page for AcrylicAccents you can see pictures there.

      I need to find a good sealant to put on my projects when they are finished that will be hard and protect the piece from scratches but also safe if worn as jewelry that touches the skin. I have tried the spray cans of polyurethane sealant and it did work but it didnt quite give the glossy shine I wanted and I wasnt sure how safe it was since it was designed to seal wood projects. I have also brushed on a new coat of resin, and while this works the best, it is very messy and really hard to get an even coat because the pieces I make tend to be odd shaped and have lots of little crevices where the new resin tends to puddle.

      I have heard the Castin Craft resin spray is very temperamental and will not well work at all if the room is too cold or too humid. My craft room is in the basement and although I have a couple space heaters, it is COLD down there. I use a lamp and place it directly over my pieces to help them cure, but Im worried that wouldnt be enough for this spray and since each piece takes hours to complete, I cannot afford to have it ruined by the sealant. 
      Any ideas? 
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Krisi,

      The resin gloss sealer spray is the best choice here.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it in your basement without a ventilation system.  If you have a way to keep the can warm (like inside the upstairs climate-controlled portion of your house), I would use it outside on a sunny day (preferably warm, but if the can is warm, that will help).  You could even try taking a large cardboard box and open it at one end.  If your space heater is small, you could put it in there to give some heat while your pieces dry.  (The spray dries rather quickly.) 

      Of course I would still recommend doing it outside and with close supervision.  I would hate for you to start a fire!

      You can find the spray in our store here:

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       Thank you very much for your quick response.  I will have to try some of the spray this spring. Last week the wind chill here hit -30! I love working with resin but not enough to go outside in that! Thanks for your help. Its too bad it cant be used indoors. 

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