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      Please help! I have tried to seal light colored fabric with mod podge, spray, and Elmers glue before I use resin. The problem is that all of them have all darkened the fabric.  What seal can I use to keep the fabrics color vibrant before I use resin.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Janiel,

      Youve tried everything I would have suggested.  At this point, I would ask for help from a clothing expert.  Im thinking there has to be something out there (like wedding dress preservative) that could work.  As an experiment once you have a fabric specific sealant, I would try putting some fabric in resin with the fabric sealant only and some sealed with glue (or something similar) after it has been covered with the fabric sealant.  I would be curious to hear if the fabric sealant by itself was enough to keep resin stains out.

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       I am new to all this but I was just wondering if using clear tape could work 

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      Katherine Swift

      I think clear tape would be worth a try, but depending on how thick the fabric is, I would be worried about trapping bubbles around the edge of the fabric.  Those bubbles might be visible after putting the piece in the resin.

      Its worth a try though!

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       I have had no problem sealing fabric with resin. It just requires a very thin layer, perhaps repeated once, on each side. Your difficulty may have more to do with the fabric you were using than the sealing method.

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