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      So I’m looking at setting up shop in my garage. I rent a room so I have no space there (plus cats) and my patio/ balcony isn’t ideal due to space/ weather/ etc.

      My landlord offered to let me set up a work space in the garage but I have concerns about letting resin cure in a closed garage(very little ventilation) and I live in southern California so during summer it gets very very warm in there.

      I’m relatively new to resin work but have been loving it and would like to do more/ go bigger but I’m running out of space/ options. The garage definitely fixes the space issue, but I would rather not have it explode or something.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Opti,

      It’s good that you are thinking about this. It will keep you safe!

      I’ve done lots of resin work in a garage. It works very well in the respect that it allows for a lot of air ventilation since you can raise a door to get more fresh air in.

      Where things will get tricky is trying to keep it climate controlled. While you can do resin in warmer weather, the problem is that the pot life of your resin will be shortened. You may not get everything done before it starts to cure.

      As for explosions, as long as you aren’t working with large amounts of flammable items, you should be fine. Resin in of itself generally isn’t flammable (check the SDS of the specific one you are working with) unless you add something like acetone or alcohol to it. I do however, always have a fire extinguisher close by in case something happens.

      Does that help?

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        Thank you so much for this information. I’m still working out exactly which brand I use (sometimes it just depends on availability atm) but mostly I’ve been using envirotex lite and alumilite amazing clear cast. I don’t remember reading about them being flammable but I’ll check again.

        Thank you again, I’m sho excited that I’ll have more space to work now!

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