Shiny blotches left on paint after coating with resin

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      I have been working on creating hand painted Pop-sockets for phones, and the supplies I use are: plain pop-socket, Posca pens, UV resin. About 1 in 5 finished pieces come out with strange shiny blotches on the paint after curing the resin.
      I make sure the paint has completely dried before pouring resin on top, and when there are bubbles I use a heat source to pop them.
      It seems to be more prominent on the lighter colors, yellow, pink, white (yellow is the worst).
      The best way to describe it is it looks like a shiny/metallic foil of the original color was place on the paint while yet and pulled away to leave the streaky shine.

      Does anyone know what may be causing this? Or does anyone have any solutions?
      Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

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