Strange ‘watermark’ reaction on cured surface

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    Hi there,

    I’ve encountered an issue where after doming my resin and allow it to cure it comes out with a weird watermark on the very surface of the resin. The resin itself it cured very hard and it’s been left to cure covered so it’s not a matter of settling dust or anything.

    I’m confident I’ve mixed throughly and have transferred to a new cup to mix again. This is about the 6th batch that have turned out with this strange surface imperfection. Am I holding the flame too close or something when popping bubbles, would that cause this?

    Has anyone encountered this or know what it could be?


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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Lynsey,

    What kind/brand of resin are you using?

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      I’m in Australia and using Barnes Epoxycast Clear resin. I noticed Resin Obsession sell resin but I’m not sure what type is the best or whether shipping to Australia is an option.



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    Katherine Swift

    It sounds like you may be mixing too much at once and the resin is overheating. Do you know what the maximum mixing amount for this resin is?

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