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       How do people make those glitter stud earrings out of resin? I see them all over Etsy but cant figure out how they make them.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Susan,

      You will have to pour your resin in two layers or more.  You can see what Im talking about in this tutorial on our blog:

      If you are going to use a mold instead of a bezel, you will want to pour it backwards.  i.e. the top of the cabochon is what you will want to make first.  Use the techniques I show in this video on our you tube channel on casting a Valentines Day candy heart pendant with glitter:

      Good luck!

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      Guest—polymer-clay-resin-stud-earrings—posts-studs-jewelry-jewellery how would I make something like this? Are there molds for 6mm or 8mm stud earrings?

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      Katherine Swift

      You will make them as I described above — two layers.  The first layer looks like its clear, then glitter was added as the resin started to solidify, allowing it to stay on the surface.  Once that was cured, it looks like a second, colored layer was poured.

      We dont carry molds that size, but if you have a template, you want to use, you can easily make your own.  I would suggest the Alumilite Amazing mold putty.

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