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      I’m confused about what resin to use to top coat a floral block.
      what is the difference between what you call table top, but then art resin on the bottle, and actual art resin?
      Which resin will cure the hardest and be suitable for flood coat?
      Is doming resin just as suitable for just the top?
      which is best for hardness, shine, bubble and scratch resistance?

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      I had to recoat the underside of a two sided floral block (containing photo and flowers on back side) so I masked the other side with white glue and set it up on plastic blocks.
      I thought I had given that other side enough cure time to handle and mask with glue (7 days)
      At that time point it looked perfect, but after I allowed the second side top coat to cure 7 days and removed the glue mask from the first side, there were impressions left by the by the plastic stands I had used. I don’t know why. The block is pretty heavy, so maybe I need to distribute the weight of the plastic cups differently or use more of them? but still, shouldn’t the doming resin I had used be hard enough to resist forming an impression?
      I sanded down to re do, but now am I going to be stuck in a vicious

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Betty,

      For what you want to do, you want to use a doming resin:

      If you’re mixing 1 to 3 ounces of resin at once, you can use any of the Resin Obsession crystal doming resins.

      If you’re mixing 3 ounces or more at once, you can use any of the Resin Obsession artwork resins.

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