Uv resin to seal eye pin in epoxy keychain

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      Will my epoxy keychain yellow if I use uv around the eye pin to prevent the pin from coming out of my piece? I’ve been using epoxy which means an extra day of waiting. How else can this be done to minimize processing time?

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      Katherine Swift

      Unfortunately, all resins are going to yellow over time. Resins with UV inhibitors and stabilizers help extend the time before yellowing occurs. However, things such as mixing off ratio (even though it still can cure without tackiness), putting over an improperly cured lacquer, excessive heat, and or constant exposure to sunlight can speed up the yellowing process. How long the epoxy will last in its clear state is very difficult to predict.

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        Any suggestions on what else I can do to insert the eyepin and keep it sturdy? Mine have been coming out of the customer’s resin item even if the hole is smaller/after adding a drop of resin on top.

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      Cally R Ross

      perhaps a thicker gauge eyepin and some superglue?

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