Working with cloth and fabric

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      Greetings everyone!

      I just found this website and joined the mailing list, so this is my first posting/question as well; I hope this goes right.

      A while back, while browsing and searching for information on resin and types of resin, I stumbled on a website that talked about and I believe sold the resin I am looking for, but for the life of me I cannot find the bookmark/website, and I have spent hours trying. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

      The resin I am looking for is specific to work with cloth and fabric. It allows one to (if I recall correctly) soak or apply it to fabric, mold the fabric, dry/let it cure and sculpt with fabric.

      I recall that there was mention that this specific resin was used years back to design a stage of large sized red roses for one of the Oscar’s ceremonies/events. I think this might be it on this link, the wall of roses behind Channing Tatum ( but I am not sure if I am right — but that’s the only thing that turns up when I do a Google search for “Oscars giant red roses stage.”

      Anyone has any idea what I am talking about? This website mentions that this resin, I think, was clear and did not coat the fabirc or change it in anyway, it simply soaked it and hardened it in the shape one would give it.

      Thank you all in advance for any possible pointers and help.


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      Katherine Swift

      hi JB,

      Any resin can do this provided you have a plan and can working within the resin’s working time.

      How much fabric did you want to work with at once?

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      Hi Katherine,
      Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.
      I am looking forward to working with regular clothing, let’s say, I am dressing an adult, pants/dress, blouse, shirt, jacket, a full size bed sheet or blanket, etc.
      So, working time, I would need enough time to pose/mold, etc.
      I’d hope there’s something I can buy in bulk that’s not going to break the bank… any suggestions?
      Thanks again!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi JB,

      Based upon what you’ve shared here, the Resin Obsession artwork resin is what I would use. It has a working time of approximately 25 minutes, meaning it’s going to thicken faster than other formulas. Once you get your clothing posed, you want the resin to cure. Otherwise, it’s going to lose its shape.

      You can buy it in several sizes in our store here:

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