10 out of the ordinary places to sell your handmade jewelry

10 places to sell your handmade jewelry

Ten unusual places to sell your handmade jewelry

If you’re going to venture into selling your handmade jewelry, there are many places for you to consider.  While selling online is an easy and inexpensive way to get started, there is a lot of competition.  Go to a site like Etsy or Artfire and search for the item you want to sell.  Chances are there is a ton of competition!  I’m not trying to discourage you from selling on sites like those, but I am going to give you some alternatives that perhaps have a little less competition.

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Here are 10 ‘out of the box’ ideas on where to sell your handmade jewelry:

1.  Ask a business you have a good relationship with if you can set up a small display in the break room during the lunch hour.  This is especially worthwhile if you can do it close to a holiday — Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day.  You can usually set up ahead of time, be there for an hour or two, then pack up.  No booth fees!

2.  Small indie craft festivals.  I’m not talking about the art festivals where there are thousands of dollars in prize money where artists come from all over the country.  I’m referring to ‘indie’ craft shows that generally pop up for a day or afternoon.  Imagine if it was Etsy, but in person.  These can be little pop up events held in unique venues.  They typically draw a crowd that loves to support independent artists and their one of a kind jewelry.

3.  Home parties.
  Have something at your home.  You don’t have to pay yourself rent and can have all day to set up (and all day the next day to clean up too).  With any luck you will also have someone at the party who wants to host the next one for you.  They can be very relaxed events, which can also coincide with holidays.

4.  Have a trunk show at a local shop or boutique.  Not sure if you want to work with a shop on consignment?  Ask about doing a trunk show.  An afternoon or evening trunk show is a great way to test the waters, both working with the business and seeing if their clientele is a good fit for your jewelry.

5.  Get together with some of your other artist friends (painters, potters, etc.) and have a ‘pop up’ store for an evening or weekend.  With malls and office complexes looking to find tenants, you might be able to find a place that will let you rent for a couple of hours to days at a time.  (Just like Halloween or Christmas themed stores do for their respective holidays.)  By having several different artists, not only do you have someone to split the rent with, but hopefully everyone can reach out to the customer lists to do some marketing for the event.

6.  Not your typical gift shop.  Bridal salons, spas, hair salons, bookstores, etc all usually have some kind of ‘impulse purchase’ type item next to their cash registers.  Inexpensive jewelry is almost always a good fit for these locations.

7.  Team up with other people you know who blog or have stores online to promote your jewelry.  Offer them commissions (i.e. affiliate marketing) for referring business to you.  You can also offer to guest blog post if you can offer your jewelry for sale.

8.  A trade fair or convention that isn’t necessarily a craft show, but relates to your jewelry.  For example, if you sell butterfly jewelry, you might inquire about selling about an entomology meeting.

9.  Church bazaars or festivals.  These are typically one day events that relate to family and community activities.

10.  Work directly with a charity to sell your items.  Instead of donating your items to a charity, see if they will partner with you to help sell your work.  For example, maybe you can make resin pendants with their logo that they can sell to their fans and employees.  Here are some easy resin pendant ideas.

What other unusual places do you like to sell your handmade resin jewelry?


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great ideas, thanks for sharing! i’m working with a local vet to set up a display of my cat-themed jewelry – got a few sales!


these are great ideas!I’ll have to try some,but it won’t be too easy seeing as I’m only 12!:)


I’m organizing an Artisan Market in my home town! I can feel that it’s going to get big. So, this year I won’t be selling at it but next year I will absolutely have a table!

Helen Brewer

Hi from sunny Coffs Harbour, Australia! About every 2 months I have a “pop-up shop” in my home and just advertise by putting a sign outside for 5 days leading up to the weekend. I try to tie them in with holidays and am now attracting regular repeat customers. I always ensure that my husband is present as my “bouncer” and keep the house secure where craft is not on display. Thank you for your ideas and will now work on a couple of them for this year.


Schools. Many will allow you to set up in a teacher workroom or lounge for a day. Advertise by placing announcements in the teacher workroom or teacher mail boxes. As a teacher, I do this several times a year. They also allow several other artisans/handmade jewelry/direct sale companies to set up on occassion.

Lorrie Patterson

I make jewelry and many other crafts. These are great ideas. I will look into it asap.


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