Resin Obsession Resinista Kate Ledum

Kate Rijacki Ledum

A mixed-media artist, heavy on the ‘mix’, Kate “Rijacki” Ledum is US-born, living in British Columbia, Canada, with strong ties on both sides of the border. Mixed media is a wide-open palette of a variety of materials, techniques, styles, and all sorts of wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey stuff. Kate likes to dabble and explore new things at a whim, adding in new techniques for different materials to spark her creativity and let her mind soar. She likes combining techniques of one medium into other media. The various media in her workshop include resin, paper, cloth, beads, metal, and more. The jewellery, papercraft, costuming, painting, and other mixed media art she creates is as eclectic as she is. Kate uses the moniker “Rijacki” because it is as unique as she is. The story of the name Rijacki: Kate has an affection for a play by William Shakespeare called Taming of the Shrew because the main character is named Katharine (“The bonniest Kate in all the lands”). She used the nickname TShrew for many years. On a website dedicated to shrews, Kate discovered ‘rijacki’ is the word for shrew in Macedonian. This is how she found and began using it as a name for herself. She’s been Rijacki online and in creative circles for over a decade. You can also find Kate Rijacki Ledum as Rijacki Design on Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Resin Obsession Resinista Kate Ledum

  1. I think I’ve run into “Rijacki” elsewhere! I’m glad to be able to put a face to the name. My beading area overflows (literally!) with resin, glue, wire, paint, ink, solder, etc, as well as beads, laptop, and scanning printer. And two cats. (Furballs everywhere)
    My sister gets upset at times – this was her computer room before I moved in.

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