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      I’m new to the world of resin crafting and wondered if there is any way without having to make an all new mold to fill in the tiny little air bubble holes I discovered after unmolding cured resin on the surfaces of projects. Currently I’m using the Amazing clear cast resin & making about 1/2 inch letter molds. After popping the molds out I found quite a few tiny areas of missing resin which I’m assuming where air bubbles. I didn’t see any air bubbles on the top after pouring then waiting to see if any surface and checking again. Any little tip or trick or cosmetic fix up would be appreciated. Thanks. Great site I must confess

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for sharing your kind words. I’m glad to know you have found Resin Obsession helpful.

      Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix the holes in your castings. The best option is to use a toothpick to drop more mixed resin into the voids and allow to cure.

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      I have done my first attempt with resin and the pieces came out completely blurry. So sad. I did follow all the directions from Envirotex Lite.

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        Katherine Swift

        Did you use it in molds? Unfortunately, Envirotex Lite isn’t meant for molds. It mixes in a thick consistency, so bubbles are almost impossible to get out.

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      Katherine Swift

      This article explains 10 tips for avoiding bubbles in resin:

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