Applying Resin on A5 Notebook Cover (mold)

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      Rose Randolph

      Ok… I used a casting resin product to pour for 2 A5 notebook covers in a silicone mold. Well, the resin I used still had a lot of bubbles and I’m not pleased with what I see even after using the heat gun.

      I also purchased 2 A5 Acrylic Notebook Covers that I think would come out better. My question is do I still use a casting resin or what? Also I wanted to know if I cover the A5 with heat transfer vinyl or print the image from my color printer can I still seal it with resin for that shiny professional look instead of using the silicone molds?

      Thank you…

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Rose,

      If you’re using a mold, yes, you need to use a casting resin. This article will help you with bubbles:

      If you add a vinyl image to resin, yes, you can cover it with a doming resin to give it a shiny finish. This is the one to use:

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      Hi Rose,
      I had a similar question to yours regarding doming an image I’ve printed. I’m thinking I need to seal it before demoing, but if mod-podge is water-based, I presume that will be problematic. What alternative seals can I use on plain printed paper I wish to embed in resin?
      Any advice appreciated!
      VEE –

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Vanessa, you can use mod podge to seal your papers. You need to be sure they’re dry before using in resin.

      Otherwise, you can use packing tape. I show how in option 2 in this article:

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      Thank you so much. I appreciate your site and the education you take time to share with others. Resin can be expensive and your tips have helped me avoid costly mistakes. Appreciate it!

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