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      I recently purchased Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin 12 oz kit for making small keychains and jewelry pieces. I have loved it! I then bought a small mold kit for paperweights and found that using this resin I had a lot of bubbles on the edges of my mold. I poured very slowly, taking time in between small pours to use heat to release the bubbles, and used a toothpick to pick out bubbles that I saw. And yet my edges are still covered in tiny bubbles. I am thinking that the Super Clear resin has a faster curing time and it is curing too quickly in the larger molds. Would using the deep pour casting resin give me a better result with less bubbles? The molds I am using are not too large, anywhere from 2oz-4oz volume in size. I thought that the Super Clear resin that I was using for small jewelry and keychain pieces would work okay, but now I am just looking for guidance and your feedback on if I should get the deep pour resin for the larger molds. Thank you!!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sydney,

      It sounds like you are having a lot of fun with resin. Awesome!

      There are a few different reasons why you can have bubbles in your resin. This article talks about the top 10: The two big things you can do to prevent bubbles:

      1. Warm your resin kit in a hot water bath for 5 to 10 minutes before mixing and pouring. The warm resin makes it easier to mix without including bubbles and makes any remaining bubbles easier to release.
      2. Gently warm your mold before pouring the resin. (You can use a heat gun or a toaster oven dedicated to resin projects). Pouring warm resin into a cold mold will trap bubbles that can release later.

      The deep pour resin will give you better results if you want more time to get bubbles out of the resin before it starts to cure. You will have hours to do that versus minutes with the super clear.

      The big difference between the two is that you should mix no more than three ounces of super clear resin at once. For the deep pour resin, you need to mix at least three ounces in order for curing to occur.

      Here are both in our store:

      Super clean resin:
      Deep pour resin:

      Does this help?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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